Reykjavik after Dark

After spending the day climbing glaciers or descending into volcanoes you’re probably too pumped to go to straight to bed, am I right? Here’s a list of what to see and check out in Reykjavik after dark. 

But what can you do in a foreign city where you don’t know anybody and don’t even speak the language? Lucky for you Reykjavík is a vibrant city full of cultural events suited for non-Icelandic speakers. Here are a few of our favourite (cultural) things:

Reykjavik Kabarett

reykjavik after dark, Reykjavik after Dark

The Icelandic Cabaret and Burlesque scene had been virtually non-existent until the arrival of Reykjavik Kabarett. With a core group of seven Icelandic performers, the collective performs acts inspired by burlesque, circus, magic, comedy, or just pure outrageous fun. They are usually joined by various international guest artists, most of whom perform in the Slipper Room in New York. Prepare to leave your inhibitions by the door as you will be variously serenaded by a sexy (in his mind) aging lothario, stunned by Miss Encircled’s skill with a hula-hoop and surprised by the mixed feelings a comedic strip-tease can stir up in you. The show makes for a fun, rambunctious evening, not suited for children under 20 years old. The air of casual fun, mixed with awe-inducing performances (the MC’s goofy stage demeanour initially disguises the fact that he’s an accomplished magician.) makes for a fantastic experience. Reykjavik Kabarett will be performing in Rósenberg bar every Thursday in June and is a great way to cap off your day.


reykjavik after dark, Reykjavik after Dark

Billed as the “Only Queer Variety Show in Iceland” Drag-súgur is a relatively new addition to the Reykjavik cultural scene. Founded by two young Icelandic men who felt the queer art scene in Iceland needed to become more visible, Drag-súgur’s outrageously fun shows have become an extremely popular way for locals and visitors alike to spend their evening. So far they’ve had a monthly show at legendary bar Gaukurinn where fabulous drag queens and stunning drag kings strut their stuff, dancing, lip-syncing or even performing original music and theatre pieces. This summer they plan on doing more frequent shows as well as a planning an extravagant hoopla for the Reykjavík Pride in August.

Icelandic Sagas – The Greatest Hits

reykjavik after dark, Reykjavik after Dark

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Icelandic Sagas, those tales of Vikings and farmers that settled this Nordic island. Maybe you’ve even been on a tour to explore the settings of the Sagas or visited the Settlement Centre in Reykjavik. If you’re still feeling unclear about all these sonur’s and dóttir’s and their exploits, this 75 minute theatre performance is the perfect way to get a more intimate and humorous look at the legendary tales. Performed several times a week in the Harpa Concert Hall by two up-for-it actors, the show mixes storytelling with some (light) audience participation to ensure you’ll come out of there feeling like Leif the Lucky after he discovered America (before he lost it again).

How to become Icelandic in 60 Minutes

reykjavik after dark, Reykjavik after Dark

The title says it all really. This stand-up routine/nationality seminar will teach you everything you need to know about being Icelandic. You’ll get lessons in the Icelandic language, Icelandic movement and Icelandic cuisine, as well as learning about the everyday problems facing the average Icelander, like how you can never own an umbrella for more than five minutes at a time and how to pronounce the name of that volcano (you know the one). Sure there are a lot of stereotypes in the show but if you’ve spent any time in the company of Icelandic people you’ll know there is always a grain of truth to the type. Great fun for the whole family.

Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

Every year on the first Thursday after April 18th, Iceland officially celebrates the First Day of Summer. And you know what, summer is here!

summer is here, Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

The Origin of the First Day of Summer

For anyone that’s been to Iceland in late April, this might seem like a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of summer. However, there is a method to the madness. The date corresponds to the Old Norse calendar used by Iceland’s settlers. That calendar only had two seasons: summer and winter. The long, dark winters were often rough on the new population of this strange island, and the brighter days of summer were eagerly anticipated (it’s no coincidence that your age was measured by how many winters you’d survived). For example: “The boy is seven winters old.

summer is here, Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

Nowadays, the modern Icelander might not struggle through the winter months in the same way, but the joy that comes with longer days and the sight of the sun is still a huge factor in the Icelandic psyche. And so we stubbornly insist on celebrating the First Day of Summer in April, despite the fact that some years we may have to put on our snowsuit to do it!

How did Icelanders Celebrate the First Day of Summer?

So what exactly does this celebration entail? Well, since it’s a public holiday everyone gets the day off. This has always been the custom and back in ye olden days no farm work, besides the absolutely necessary, was performed. Children were allowed to go between the neighboring farms and play with other children.

summer is here, Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

The day was also dedicated to young girls, and young men would take the opportunity and hint about their affections to whichever girl they liked best (Icelanders have never really gotten the hang of the whole dating thing). Until the mid-1700s Icelanders would have mass and read from the Bible on the First Day of Summer until the Danish church discovered the practice and banned it since it is not an official church holiday.

How do Icelanders Celebrate the First Day of Summer Today?

Since the 1900s the day has been catered mainly to children. Most towns, or city neighborhoods, will have parades led by The Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association complete with marching bands and flags. Various family games and activities will be available, as well as sporting events and other organized entertainment. Some families still give Summer Gifts, a tradition that precedes Christmas gift-giving in Iceland. Usually, the gifts have something to do with outdoor games; like a ball, a skipping rope or a bike. Families will commonly join for a BBQ and ice cream and other Summeresque treats will be on everyone’s table.

summer is here, Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

Grab yourself an Icelandic hot dog and treat yourself to some ice cream as a desert. Then you might just have captured the essence of an Icelandic summer meal!

Folklore related to the First Day of Summer

Icelanders can be a superstitious bunch and of course, there is various folklore and traditions connected to the First Day of Summer. When the temperature on the night before the First Day of Summer is below zero it is said that winter and summer have frozen together. It is mostly taken to be a good sign since it’s believed to mean that the summer crops will be good and the farm animals will be in good health. Hearing the drumming sound of the Common Snipe is a very good sign on the First Day of Summer since that means that there will be no more snow storms until next winter. However, if you spot a sparrow close to your house that means that it will get cold again.

Fun Facts about the Icelandic Summer

  • The word for Summer in Icelandic is sumar
  • Even though the first day of Summer marks the official day that Summer begins in Iceland many locals say that the first spotting of the European Golden Plover is their way of knowing it has begun. In Icelandic, the bird is called Lóa.
  • The Summer Solstice is widely celebrated in Iceland and takes place on the 22nd of June.
  • The official name for the first day of Summer in Iceland is ‘sumardagurinn fyrsti
  • Icelanders used to have a different way of counting the months. One of those months was Harpa and the first day of summer was the first day of Harpa.
  • The Icelandic horse sheds its winter coat in summer and looks completely different during the summer months than it does in winter.
  • The Midnight Sun is a famous phenomenon which takes place from June to July in Iceland. ‘To experience, the Midnight Sun’ belongs on your bucket list!

Iceland Summer Weather

As we have now established, Icelanders begin their Summer at a certain date not necessarily coinciding with any warmth or sun. The only certainty is that late April will already have a lot more brightness than the months before and the summer season is undoubtedly the season of daylight. This is when Icelandic nature comes to life, the grass gets green and the waterfalls more powerful. A trip to Iceland during the summer will not be a trip to a tropical paradise but it will most definitely be a gorgeous one.

summer is here, Iceland’s First Day of Summer!

Pro Tip: Prepare for some rain and wind but dress in layers. It is easier to take off clothing than to put on the ones that you didn’t bring.

Average Temperature

May: 6,5°c or 43,7 Fahrenheit

June: 9,2°c or 48,5 Fahrenheit

July: 10,8°c or 51,4 Fahrenheit

August: 10,5 °c or 50,9 Fahrenheit

Iceland Packing List for Summer

  • T-Shirt
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • Thick Sweater
  • Shorts
  • Socks (more than usual)
  • Long Pants
  • Wind/Rainproof Jacket
  • Primaloft Jacket
  • Hat
  • Scarf/Buff
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Hiking Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Water Bottle
  • Lip Balm

Find out more about what to pack for Iceland.

May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

May is a beautiful month to visit the island of ice and fire. The terrain is now green and flowery and the waterfalls even more powerful. It is close enough to the summer season so the weather is warmer and the summer tours have opened up but still not close enough to have high peak prices yet. This means that May in Iceland is a bit of a shoulder season that delightfully results in lower prices and fewer tourists!

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

May is a wonderful time to travel around Iceland and road trips are greatly recommended. Likewise, will a trip around the famous Ring Road be one to remember: Just you, the open roads and untouched nature shared only by a few cute lambs and the locals. The weather is lovely and balmy, the midnight sun has started to share its charm and the puffins have already landed.

If you haven’t realized already, we will bluntly tell you: May might just be the perfect time of the year to visit Iceland!

Weather in May in Iceland

May is known as a mild month when it comes to the weather. Its average temperatures range from 4°c to 10°c (about 40°-50° Fahrenheit) and brightness and daylight are the dominant features. May is the month that the trees start to bud, the flowers begin their colorful blooming season and the baby lambs, foals and calves gleefully play in the vast open fields.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Nevertheless, May is often followed by a bit of rain which though, thankfully, is known to stay only a short time. Keep this in mind when deciding what to pack for your trip. May is the first month we start to see some actual warmth and much celebrated double digits are common!  

Daylight in May in Iceland

June is undoubtfully the month of daylight in Iceland but it is followed closely by the month of May. At the beginning of the month, you will have about 13,3 hours of daylight to enjoy but by the end, that number is up by more than three hours. This means that by the end of May we have about 16 hours and 40 minutes of daylight. Yet another reason why May is such a great time to visit Iceland.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Northern Lights in May in Iceland

The only downside to this abundant of daylight that May brings us is the challenge it provokes for Northern Light watching. However, on a more positive note, many consider May to be the absolute last month of the season to spot them and they are known to appear in many colors right at the beginning and end of all seasons. So, you are not completely hopeless in your quest for the lights. Just keep in mind that the sky needs to be pitch black for our favorite dancing pastel colors to pop out so the later you go out the better.

What to Pack for Iceland in May

The packing list for Iceland looks surprisingly similar each month. Even though the country is named after ice and is therefore often considered among the most Arctic places to visit the weather, in recent times, has proven to be quite steady over the year. There isn’t as much of a drastic shift in seasons as there was before and as a result, the ‘What to Pack for Iceland’ list is looking more and more the same no matter when you plan on visiting.

The basic things you will always need in Iceland:

  • Base Layer: Wool Underwear/Thermals
  • Thick Socks (more than usual)
  • Mid Layer: Sweater, Fleece or Thermal Insulation Garment
  • Pants that are easy to move in
  • Hiking Boots
  • Scarf/Buff
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Water/Windproof Jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm (you will know why when you land)

But, for May you might also want to bring

  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt
  • Light Jacket

What to do in May in Iceland

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Visit the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes is home to the mighty Kirkjufell mountain, Stykkisholmur fishing village, the black Budarkirkja church and Berserkjahraun lava field. In its center you can’t help but see the towering Snaefellsjokull glaciermade famous by the Jules Verne book ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ and by the coastline are rugged yet stunning views enjoyed in common with the Arctic seals that nestle around the beaches.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

The area as a whole is easy to get around, less affected by the snow like Iceland‘s more Northern locations and ideal for a road trip in May.

Make sure to stop at Krauma Geothermal Baths which waters are naturally sourced from the neighboring hot spring, Deildartunguhver. Famous for being the most powerful hot spring in Europe.

Join a Puffin Watching Tour

May locals will say that spring arrives with these feathered bundles of adorableness and we completely agree. The first spotting of a puffin will make the headlines and soon they have turned Iceland into Europe’s largest puffin colony. You can find them in numerous places around Iceland including, Dyrholaey, Ingolfshofdi, the Westman Islands, the Westfjords and even in the small islands surrounding Reykjavík!

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Take a dip in a Local Swimming Pool

There is no faster way to take in a country’s culture than through the art of bathing in it. This is quite literally what you will be doing if you take bathe in one of the many local swimming pools found around the island. In Iceland population of about 150 people is considered a sufficient reason to build a swimming pool so you will have no trouble finding one.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Whether you are looking to challenge your inner Michael Phelps or simply want to relax in the hot tubs these places are true gems on Iceland’s royal crown and you can’t miss out on.

Visit a local swimming pool and bare witness to how Icelanders deal with the winter’s darkness and the cold weather. But also, how they harness the geothermal activity their grounds provide.

Go Hiking

May often brings that perfect weather for outdoor activities and hiking is one of the more budget-friendly things you can do in Iceland. Mount Helgafell and Mount Esja are very popular hiking trails near Reykjavík and free to do. They are also very well marked!

Other hiking places further out worth attention are ThorsmorkLandmannalaugar and Reykjadalur!

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Events and Festivals in May in Iceland

1st of May – International Workers Day  

International Workers Day is celebrated in Iceland on the 1st of May and can often affect opening hours of public businesses and shops. Keep it in mind when planning your trip.

1st of May – Day of the Icelandic Horse

On this day all the horse societies around Iceland will host events relating to the Icelandic Horse.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Ask around if you want to join, check this website or simply sign up for a horse riding tour to celebrate!

The Icelandic Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in Iceland. It was first celebrated in 1934 and has been an annual event since. It is the perfect occasion to treat your mother to a great meal, an adventure tour or simply a hug! Many Icelanders like to buy flowers, a cake or a small gift.

Driving around Iceland in May

In May the weather should be warmer and calmer than it has been in the months before. Even though we might not entirely have reached the summer months yet the snow and icy roads should now be behind us. Hopefully resulting in the perfect road trip conditions.

may in iceland, May in Iceland | The Best Way To Do Iceland In May

Still, it is important to keep in mind that we are talking about Iceland and the weather in Iceland is known to act out. If it were a beast it most certainly would be an untamed one and it is better to be prepared than to get surprised. Make sure to check the road conditions before setting off each day. This will give you the chance to feel free and relaxed on your trip to Iceland. Leaving you without worries about rapid weather changes or difficult road conditions and plenty of room to enjoy!

Ideal tours to do in May in Iceland

Golden Circle Tours

Whale Watching Tours

Snorkeling in Silfra between the Continental Plates


The capital city of the United States attracts millions of visitors each year, expecting to see where the magic of American democracy takes place. There are dozens of political and historical monuments across the city and it’s worth it to see all of them. Most of the attractions in DC have free admission, so purchasing tickets is not usually an issue. However, a lot of the attractions are quite spread out, which makes it worth it to invest in a bus tour or a bike rental, if you want to spare yourself hours of walking. For those uncomfortable with embarking on solo sightseeing, there are plenty of guided tours and walking tours available in Washington DC.

The White House

The White House

The famous White House has been home to all of the US President since John Adams in 1800. Consequently, the White House has over 200 years of stories to tell, stories of making history, scandal and some of the most consequential political decisions in the world’s history.
A trip to Washington DC would not be complete without a visit to the White House, whether you like its residents or not.

Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C 20500

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

The colossal monument commemorating the 16th President of the U.S. Abraham Lincoln offers one of the more profound experiences in DC. The sheer size of the monument exudes grandiose and for those familiar with the history of the US, it provokes thought, reflection and introspection. Inscribed on the walls you will find Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” and “Second Inaugural Address”
Take a moment to sit on the steps and back in the beauty of the reflective pool, effectively doubling the Washington Monument.

Location: West End of National Mall

The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

The Neoclassical dome in DC’s Tidal Basin is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence. Within its dome, there’s a larger-than-life statue of Jefferson and the walls are encrypted with the words of the Declaration. The picturesque Tidal Basin looks amazing at sunset, and is one of the most serene corners of the capital.

Location: Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.

United States Capitol

United States Capitol

The home of the United States Congress, the Capitol is one of the most important buildings in Washington. Located on the Capitol Hill, the Neo-Classical structure boasts an impressive dome and crowns all of DC’s sightseeing as its epicenter. If you want to tour the place where national policy gets debated and signed into law, you can do so for free, with advance reservations.

Location: Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

The Washington Monument

Washington Monument

The first president of the United States is commemorated with the obelisk that impressively pokes through the lawn of the National Mall. The windowless structure is the largest obelisk in the world and is surrounded by 50 US flags, one for each state. The inside of the monument is serviced by an elevator, typically accessible to visitors. At the moment, the elevator is undergoing repairs and will reopen to the public at some point in 2019.

Location: National Mall

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is the third most visited museum in the world and it offers free admission 364 days a year. In the vast museum you will find plentiful exhibits detailing the history of the development of our planet and its fauna and flora. There are over 126 million specimens of plants, animals, insects, dinosaurs and rocks on display. Full of educational and interactive content, the Smithsonian is the perfect place in DC to spend with kids.

Location: 10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560

The Newseum


The Newseum is an interactive institution dedicated to the history of communication, free press and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The museum features countless artifacts and exhibits from the world’s most intense political and historical events, including the largest piece of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany.

Location: 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001


Georgetown University

The historic neighborhood of Georgetown is arguably the most picturesque part of Washington. It used to be its own municipality and has many stories to tell. It has served as a home to several important residents, such as Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy. It also hosts the beautiful historic campus of Georgetown University. To learn about the neighborhood, we recommend the Ghost of Georgetown Walking Tour or the Historic Georgetown Walking Tour.

CitySights DC Bus Tour

City Sights DC and United States Capitol

To spare yourself the walking between the DC attractions, we recommend jumping on board of the City Sights DC hop-on, hop-off bus tour. The double-decker tour will take you around all the main attractions. The loop has 18 stops, so you can get off anywhere you’d like or take the whole tour and get expert commentary from a tour guide.

To make the most out of your trip to Washington DC, consider getting the Washington DC SightSeeing Pass. It includes a free day on the City Sights Hop-on, hop-off bus tour as well as a variety of DC attractions including Newseum, the National Geographic Museum, the International Spy Museum, a variety of walking tours, a cruise and many others.


Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, exciting nightlife, lavish shows and sinful vibe. However, its position in the Nevada Desert means it’s surrounded by stunning nature and landscapes. If gambling and reckless behavior are not your cup of tea, venture out of the city and explore these stunning landmarks.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is the largest water reservoir in the United States, impounded by Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. The sheer size of Lake Meade is impressive and overwhelming at first sight, but it makes sense once you learn that it provides sustenance to 20 million people in Nevada, California and Colorado.

Hoover Dam

The engineering marvel that is Hoover Dam is what holds Lake Mead together. Hoover Dam is visited by almost one million people a year eager to learn its complex and tarnished history as well as some impressive engineering details that hold this massive structure together.

Grand Canyon – South Rim

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction; however, it’s a surprise to some how close the South Rim is to Las Vegas. This easy day trip out of the city will fill you with lifelong memories of the most stunning panoramic views of some of the most mesmerizing natural formations on Earth.

Your Guide to Orlando Airport

Everybody loves a good vacation to Orlando. From museums and other cultural institutions to beaches and the Everglades National Park, there’s no end of things to do. In fact, whether you’re a theme park junkie or the type who loves to explore the great outdoors, Central Florida has you covered.

Of course, getting to Orlando is the first step in that amazing Florida vacation you’ve been planning. As a busy airport, Orlando (MCO) can be a bit challenging to navigate—especially for first-time visitors to the area and those traveling with little ones.

Check out our handy guide to Orlando International Airport, including tips for how to navigate the airport with kids and basic info on how to get around…

Orlando Airport Overview

Orlando Airport serves 39 different airlines with both domestic and international destinations. Depending upon your airline, you will fly in and out of one of two terminals, A or B. If you need to know which terminal you’ll be in, you can consult the official airport website. Your ticket should also have this information clearly indicated.

To help you navigate the airport and find your gate, we recommend consulting the terminal map. You will also need to use a monorail to get to your gate once you’re past security, but this can be a fun experience for the whole family—especially train-loving little kids!

Orlando Airport Main Hub & Shopping

There’s a main hub between the two terminals that can be a fruitful resource for gifts, toys, and a way to entertain antsy kids. There’s even an arcade (next to the kid magnet Natalie’s Candy Jar) that features both new and classic games. It can be a fun way for the kids to burn off steam, or for you all to play together.

There are plenty of places to shop if you have time to kill or souvenirs left to collect, including a SeaWorld store, two Kennedy Space Center stores, two Universal stores with loads of Harry Potter merchandise, and two different Disney stores that have everything you could want.

Disney’s Earport is located in the East Hall, and has a pin station where you can trade collectible Disney pins—a popular practice with Disney fanatics. The second store, Magic of Disney, is on the South Walk and boasts large themed screens that serve as great photo backdrops.

This is the main place for shopping, and comes before the security gates, so keep that in mind when arriving or departing. If you’re leaving on a departing flight, you’ll need to fit all of your purchases into your luggage before going through security and boarding your flight. However, feel free to load up on separate bags if you’re heading out the front doors!

Orlando Airport Security

Like all airports, MCO employs standard security procedures as implemented by the TSA. That means you’ll need to make sure you have the right size toiletries, bring no liquids through with you except for medicine or breast milk, and remove all large electronics from your bags. One less common thing the Orlando Airport also requires is that you remove all food items from your non-checked bags. You can bring them through, just make sure they are accessible to take out when going through the line.

If you are traveling with little ones, remember that the TSA does not require kids 12 and under to take off their shoes, light jackets, or hats. Babies must be taken out of their strollers and carried through the metal detector, although they can also be carried in a sling. For more information on getting through TSA screening procedures with your kids, check out their official guide to traveling with children.

As one of the busiest airports in the country, Orlando Airport also often has tremendously long security lines. Please arrive well in advance of your flight time to make sure that you have time to get through. It can also help to be aware of carry-on restrictions and other policies before you travel to make sure that your time through to the other side isn’t an age and a half.

Orlando Airport Dining Options

If you arrive early enough at the airport before your departure and need to work in a meal or snack, rest assured—dining options of all stripes abound at MCO. Looking for something fast and inexpensive in the main terminal? Moe’s Southwest Grill and McDonald’s are easy choices at the Main Terminal Food Court. There are three restaurants at the attached Hyatt Regency, as well as a delicious Macaroni Grill, all of which provide more options than fast food.

Sports fans may also want to check out the new City Pub, which features local beer and tasty food. It’s also an official supporting bar for the Orlando City Soccer Club, so it’s perfect for sports fans. Fortunately, City Pub is also a relaxed atmosphere that is suitable for kids.

The dining options are more diverse once you get past security, including a Chipotle, Cibo Express, Wendy’s, Nathan’s, and an Outback Steakhouse, among several others. There are also some fun adult-friendly options like the upscale Cask & Larder, which brings a farm-to-table sensibility to MCO.

If you’d like to review all of your dining options before your visit to see which would be the best for your family—especially those of you with any food allergies or specific diets—the Orlando Airport has conveniently provided a dining directory.

Orlando Car Rentals, Shuttles, and Ride Share

When arriving in Orlando and needing to find your way from the airport to your hotel or resort, you have multiple options. The most common option is to rent a car, especially if you are doing more than just Disney. Keep in mind that a high-traffic airport like Orlando will often run out of cars later in the day, so be sure to make your rental reservation in advance. Car rental companies are located on both A and B sides of the terminal on Level 1.

For those of you who are headed to Disney, the Disney Magical Express is a shuttle that escorts arriving guests to their Disney resort. You’ll need to have your MagicBands ready to be scanned, but the trip is other a pretty painless way to get to your resort or hotel in the Disney-verse.

If you’re looking for a taxi or ride share like Uber or Lyft, go to the Ground Transportation area on Level 1. Please note that there is a small fee charged for airport pick-ups that will be added onto your total bill. A good idea can be to look for coupons or deals before arriving to help you save, as the Orlando Airport isn’t very close to downtown and your fare could be quite high.

Orlando Airport Insider Tips

  1. The Orlando Airport has an official app—available for Android or Apple—that can be a smart choice for frequent flyers or anyone who likes the extra guidance.
  2. Don’t have a smartphone, or prefer not to download the app? There are plenty of interactive kiosks around the airport with the same helpful information.
  3. Arrive two to three hours before your flight departs to allow time to go through security and take advantage of the shopping and dining.
  4. If your flight arrives late and you have tired and grumpy kids, it may be easier and most cost-effective to stay at a hotel near or in the airport. The Hyatt Regency is an easy choice, as it’s located right in the center of the airport and offers good deals.
  5. Important: Once past security, you’ll need to choose one of the monorails to get you to your gate. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll have to take it back and go through security again, so be sure you know which one will head to your gate!

Save on Orlando Attraction Tickets

Once you’ve successfully made it through the Orlando Airport, it’s time to get down to exploring. If you’re interested in checking what Orlando has to offer beyond the major theme parks, a Go Orlando pass is a smart choice.

You can save up to 50% on combined admission to top attractions like LEGOLAND® Florida, Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and many I-Drive activities. It’s a convenient digital pass that you get instant access to upon purchase, so whether you plan ahead or opt-in last minute, you can enjoy big savings. Happy travels!

What’s New in Orlando for 2019

Orlando has long been the epicenter of family fun in the U.S. And, it’s recently coming into its own as an adult-friendly destination, too. With an unparalleled selection of theme parks and attractions, it’s no surprise that visitors return year after year to Orlando.

Some travelers, however, may be looking for something new and different about Orlando to make a return trip worth their while. If you’re hoping to see what’s new in Orlando for 2019, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve pulled together our choices for the best new things in Orlando this calendar year, from theme park rides and attractions to restaurants and places to shop. Use it to complement your existing plans, or make a whole new itinerary around these new developments.

Attractions & Theme Park Rides

LEGO® Movie World: LEGOLAND® Florida’s newest area is called Bricksburg, and here you’ll find the immersive world of The LEGO® Movie™ come to life right before your eyes. Rides and attractions in this brand-new area of the park include Masters of Flight, a triple-decker flying couch, Unikitty’s Disco Drop, a bouncing, spinning wonder, and the soaking wet Battle of Bricksburg. There’s even a new toy and gift shop in this region, plus a tasty taqueria.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Set to open in late fall 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this exciting new Star Wars installation is set on the planet Batuu. In this remote landscape, visitors can enjoy two all-new signature attractions: Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, which gives guests the opportunity to get a seat in the cockpit of the franchise’s most famous ship, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which helps visitors escape from The First Order in an exhilarating battle scene.

Sesame Street @ SeaWorld Orlando: Having opened just this spring, the new Sesame Street attraction at SeaWorld is your child’s favorite show (and likely yours!) brought to life. You can walk down Sesame Street itself, see the stoop at 123, scope out Hooper’s Store, and then head to Big Bird’s Nest. All your favorite characters will be there, introducing their own rides like Cookie Monster’s Cookie Drop, Abby’s Flower Tower, Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Water Works, and Elmo’s Choo Choo Train.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure™: Found in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, this all-new ride debuts mid-June 2019. An exciting roller coaster ride that’s even bigger and better than its predecessor, this coaster swoops you out to the Forbidden Forest, far beyond the grounds of Hogwarts Castle to search for magical creatures. It’s a delightful complement to the robust Harry Potter offerings already in place at Universal.

Dezerland Action Park: While the entire park is not yet open, it’s envisioned to be a massive play space where visitors can race go-karts, bumble around in bumper cars, play laser tag, bowl, enjoy tasty food and drink, and generally enjoy “Florida’s largest indoor entertainment complex.” The most recent part to open, slated for Spring 2019, is the Orlando Auto Museum, which is comprised of one of the most extensive privately-owned collections of automobiles and related objects in the world. See everything from Batmobiles and Vespas to military vehicles and James Bond-worthy cars.

Restaurants & Retail Shopping

Proper & Wild: This high-end Winter Park offering focuses on plant-based cuisine, offering a selection of chic offerings that even non-vegheads will yearn for. You’ll find everything from a sourdough flatbread (non-vegan) to a spicy makhani curry for those with resilient taste buds. Check out their weekend brunch for some extra special offerings.

Sette: A crave-worthy new option from the team that brought you Se7en Bites, this Ivanhoe Village newcomer is an Italian restaurant that’s anything but ordinary. Enjoy sumptuous home-made pastas, pizza made from scratch, “pot-roast” risotto, and plenty of seafood. Trust us—you’ll want to save room for dessert.

À La Cart: A permanent food truck park, this 10,000+ square foot outdoor venue boasts a wide selection of mouth-watering cuisine from empanadas to poke to Vietnamese-Korean food. You’ll also find an indoor bar with 15 taps featuring everything from local craft beer and wine to cold brew coffee. Come here for a casual lunch.

Tori Tori Japanese Pub: It’s hard to think of a more exciting concept than the one promised by Tori Tori, slated to open this summer. They’ll offer traditional Japanese fare—including sushi—with the modern twist that chef Sonny Nguyen is best known for. Head to the Mills 50 district to check them out.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Now open on I-Drive (right near the WonderWorks, for those of you looking to feed and entertain kids), Hopdoddy Burger Bar is a chain that originates in Texas. They offer fat burgers, perfectly-salted fries, rich shakes, and plenty of beer and cocktails. It’s an affordable yet sleek option for those looking for something fast and tasty.

The NBA Experience: Located in Disney Springs®, this new immersive store will feature everything and anything a die-hard basketball fan could desire. Enjoy interactive games and competitions plus plenty of gear for purchase. Pick up the new Anthony Davis jersey later this year—whichever team he ends up with!

Feeling inspired?

Read all about the top things to do in Orlando, the best restaurants in Orlando, and check out our guide to Orlando airport to help you plan your trip.

Looking to save on new Orlando attractions?

If you’d like to build any of these new attractions into your Orlando vacation itinerary, consider adding a Go Orlando pass to your vacation plans. You can save up to 50% on combined admission to top attractions, including LEGOLAND® and many others.

Save some money on ticketed attractions, and then spend a little on that hot new restaurant.

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9 Free Things to Do in Abu Dhabi & How to Save on Ticketed Attractions

If you’re planning a trip to the Emirates, you probably already know that things can get pricey quickly. So the best way to make the most of your budget when visiting a place like Abu Dhabi is to mix in some great free things to do along with your top attraction choices.

In search of a few free or really inexpensive things to do on your Middle Eastern vacation? Check out our list of the top free things to do in Abu Dhabi, including:

  • The Corniche
  • Heritage Village
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Emirates Palace
  • Camel Racing
  • Al Ain Oasis
  • Inner Space Meditation Centre
  • Art Galleries
  • And more!

Should you be hoping to work a few of these free things into a broader itinerary, you’ll also be looking to save money on your ticketed attractions. In that case…

Save on Admission to Ticketed Attractions

Pick up a Go Dubai® Card to help save on top attractions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

You’ll get easy access to the best tours, cruises, activities, and more, all for up to 55% off of combined admission prices.

See all Dubai passes, prices, and attractions.

Snag one for your Emirates trip and you’ll be an even savvier explorer.

The Corniche

One of the most popular and beautiful natural spaces in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche. It’s a broad space along the waterfront comprised of bike paths, parks, fountains, and beaches.

Come here to enjoy fascinating people-watching, or some nice weather. Just be sure to wear sunscreen and other protective gear if you’ll be outside for a while.

It’s also right near the Marina Mall, which is another fun free place to explore (if you can confine yourself to window-shopping, that is!)

Heritage Village

A wonderful cultural attraction for those interested in the history of the Emirates, Heritage Village showcases early Arabic culture, cuisine, and natural history.

Come here to explore small museums, exhibits, demonstrations, and more. You’ll see what life was like for early Bedouins and enjoy the contrast with the grandeur and modernism of Abu Dhabi.

They also offer plenty of souvenir shopping options if you’re looking for authentic gifts or mementos.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Undoubtedly the grandest mosque in Abu Dhabi, this stunning architectural marvel is worth a visit just for the exterior photographs.

It’s a marvelous combination of modern engineering and traditional mosque architecture and design, so you’ll truly find yourself in awe of its beauty and unique structure.

You can snap photos outside, or visit within for free (not during prayer time) as long as you abide by customs of dress and behavior.

If you’d like to see the mosque and other architectural wonders, it may be worth your time to enjoy a bus tour of Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace

While this is technically a hotel and not a palace (although those are around, to be sure), it’s worth your time just to stroll around inside.

You don’t need to splash down the cash to stay here to enjoy the grand architecture in the lobby (be sure to look up at the dome!) and restaurants.

If you want to enjoy a taste of the high life for less, consider popping into one of their award-winning restaurants for a single drink.

Camel Racing

20070227 Camel Race in Ouargla

By Naoll MARY [CC0], from Wikimedia CommonsYes, it’s a thing, and yes, it’s awesome. You may have only seen these lovably strange creatures amble along, but did you know they can really run?

Head to someplace like Al Wathba Camel Race Track (just east of Abu Dhabi) to see free camel races on weekend mornings. They can reach impressive speeds on this specially-designed tracks, and it’s bound to be one of the most unique memories of your trip.

Be sure to arrive early to get a good spot!

And, if you really enjoyed your camel experience, consider taking a camel trekking tourthrough the desert near Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain Oasis

This is the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you know it’s more than worth its cost of exactly zero.

Come to the Garden City to soak up the serenity and natural beauty of nearly 150,000 date palms.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern Abu Dhabi life. It’s also a smart place for those botanical Instagram photos!

If you truly love exploring natural spaces, then you’ll definitely also want to take a tour of the Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park – perhaps via kayak?

Inner Space Meditation Centre

Another locale that’s perfect for taking a pause from contemporary life, the Inner Space Meditation Centre is a hidden gem in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy entirely free workshops, courses, lectures, and more, all focused on how to live a more mindful and peaceful life.

Given the seemingly ever-increasing price of yoga classes, et al in the US, a free place to connect with yourself seems like a total win.

Art Galleries

There are plenty of great art options in Abu Dhabi for the creative folks. The Etihad Modern Art Gallery is a unique offering with its focus on contemporary Arabic artists, so you’ll see a lot of up-and-coming talent and developing work.

Another top art museum is the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a stellar art museum which partners with its namesake in France (among other French institutions) to put on temporary exhibitions of great European paintings, sculpture, and more.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is also part of the larger artistic area of Saadiyat Island, which, while still under development, is planned to be a massive cultural project to celebrate Emirati heritage and culture.

Local Souks

Imre Solt [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsWhile you certainly can’t get much for free at a local market, or souk, you can haggle for prices on everything from fresh produce to souvenirs and beyond.

A good local one along the Corniche is the one where the road meets Mina Zayed Port. You’ll find fresh fruit and veggies for sale by local vendors, and get a true taste of the regional agriculture.

There’s also a different one in the same area that sells pottery, copper pots, and other kitchen items — good for souvenirs.

Remember How to Tour Abu Dhabi For Cheap

Visit some or many of these top free attractions in Abu Dhabi to keep your wallet happy.

If you want to continue the trend of smart traveling, then you may also want to consider picking up a Go Dubai® Card.

You can save up to 55% on combined admission prices to top places in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and have the trip of a lifetime.


Disneyland Paris Discount Package During The New Season Of Lion King And Jungle Festival 1

Disneyland Paris – every child’s dream came true! But, of course, you don’t have to be a child to have fun at Disneyland, as this awesome park offers endless possibilities to children and adults alike with its unforgettable rides, shows, and activities!

I am absolutely sure you have heard about this wonderful kingdom before, and maybe you even dreaming about getting there someday soon?

If you are planning to go to Disneyland Paris this summer to enjoy everything this magical place has to offer, then read on, you will surely want to find out more about their new offer!


Disneyland Paris Discount Package During The New Season Of Lion King And Jungle Festival 3

This summer promises to be extra exciting because until the 16th of June you can experience the unforgettable Marvel Season of Super Heroes. After that, starting the 30th of June and until 22nd of September 2019 you can join the vibrant new season of The Lion King & Jungle Festival!

The Lion King and Jungle Festival is a wild, exciting new season at Disneyland Paris that is guaranteed to fill your summer with fun, dance and good times!

During this season, you can lead your pride to the brand new, interactive shows. For example, you definitely cannot miss the “The Jungle Book Jive” musical show – it’s colorful and it will take you through a fun journey through the Indian jungle! Stomp to the rhythm of the Jungle in Timon’s “MataDance” or experience magical Disney encounters with the classic characters of The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

Now let’s find out more about the special offer they have:



Disneyland Paris Discount Package During The New Season Of Lion King And Jungle Festival 2

Arrival period: 26th of April – 6th of November 2019 for a 2, 3, or 4+ nights package

You can book this offer by: 27th August 2019

You might want to start planning your Disneyland Paris vacation soon, as this new package is unmissable!

So, in short, this offer will allow you to save up to 30% from your Disney hotel and park tickets, as follows:

Disneyland Paris Discount Package During The New Season Of Lion King And Jungle Festival 7

If you are curious about what this offer includes more exactly, below you can find a round-up of the benefits that are included:

  • Accommodation in a Disney Hotel or Disney Nature Resort
  • Tickets for both Disney Parks depending on the selected number of days (NOTE: Les Villages Nature Paris includes a maximum 2-day park hopper ticket for the Disney Parks only, no matter how many nights you book)
  • Meet ‘n’ Greet with Disney Characters at your hotel
  • Free Fastpass for every member of your group (which means you can choose your desired time to go to an attraction)
  • Extra Magic Time

But don’t just take my word for it! Let’s make some calculations in order to see how much you can save:

Disneyland Paris Discount Package During The New Season Of Lion King And Jungle Festival 6

Sample calculation with the offer:

The price for the park tickets and accommodation for 2 adults staying at Disneyland Hotel between the 20th – 23rd of May 2019 (that’s 3 nights and 4 days, during the promotion period) is €2.071 (£1.790).

The price for the park tickets and accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children staying at the same hotel during the same dates (3 nights and 4 days, during the promotion period) is €2.382 (£2.059).

Standard package without the offer:

The price for 2 adults staying at Disneyland Hotel with the standard package outside the promotion period for 3 nights and 4 days is €2.515 (£2.174).

The price for 2 adults and 2 children staying at the same hotel with the standard package outside the promotion period for 3 nights and 4 days is €3.340 (£2.887).

The calculations above show that you can save quite a good sum of money if you choose to benefit from their new offer. If you were planning on going to Disneyland Paris this spring/summer and stay in one of their hotels, why not buy your tickets soon and save some money?

NOTE: These are only pricing examples which can change on a daily basis (used exchange rate: 1€ = 0.86£).

This promotion runs until the 27th of August 2019, so make sure to buy your package holiday before this date if you want to benefit from the discount for your Disneyland Paris holiday.

Lake Nighthorse is Officially Open: The Best Ways to Enjoy The Lake!

Taking the first frigid plunge into your local swimming hole is as good as any First Chair ski experience. The launch signifies the annual commencement of summer, a time for sun-bronzed skin, sore kayaking muscles, high mountain peaks, and big fish tales. 

This summer in Durango is extra special, as we celebrate the official opening of your new favorite recreation area, Lake Nighthorse, located less than 3 miles from historic Main Avenue. We’ve waited years to dip our feet into the cool water of the Lake Nighthorse reservoir and now that the day has come, we can start checking these items off our summer bucket list.

Catch a Freshwater Sockeye (Kokanee) Salmon

There are few justifiable reasons to wake before the sun on summer vacation. Of these include watching the sunrise, climbing a mountain top, and catching one of the biggest Kokanee salmon of your life. Lake Nighthorse, one of only 26 bodies of water in Colorado to hold Kokanee Salmon, has been closed to fishing for years. This means that the well-stocked supply of rainbow trout, brown trout and Kokanee salmon has only gotten healthier and happier over time. There’s no telling what you’ll pull out of this water, but chances are in your favor. I mean, any fin is possible if you don’t trout yourself.

Navigate a Kayak shore to shore

Lake Nighthorse spans a little over 2 square miles, offering a hearty workout for any willing kayakers or SUP boarders. Every Monday and Wednesday at the lake is designated as a No Wake Day, meaning calm, undisrupted waters for all human-powered vessels. Aim to start your journey early in the morning when the water and wind are more likely to be still, and enjoy the reflection of peaks off the glassy surface.

Bike from the Animas River Trail

Rumor has it that the Animas River Trail may one day completely connect Lake Nighthorse to downtown. It’s not official, but the thought gives us something to look forward to.

Even still, the lake today is easily accessible by road bike. Riding, as opposed to driving, offers the opportunity to take your time, enjoy the scenery, and skip the hassle of finding parking. There is also a slight money saving bonus: daily bike-in entry is $3, as opposed to the $8 entrance fee for vehicles.

Practice SUP Board Yoga under the cliffs of the Ridges Basin

If you’ve ever watched the SUP competition at the Durango Whitewater Center during Animas River Days, you have definitely craved a proper paddle board experience. Learn to get your sea legs by bringing your own aquatic yoga practice to Lake Nighthorse. For those looking to network, there are several groups around town for both new and avid paddlers, including the SUP Girls Durango. Their mission is to educate, empower and inspire others and build a community of women who love to SUP.

You can reserve and rent a stand up paddle board from lots of places in town, and pick up your gear on your way to the lake. Nearly all of the rafting companies provide rentals of some kind, including Southwest Raft and Jeep, Durango Rivertrippers, and Mild2Wild Rafting

Learn to Captain a Sailboat

There are more than a few places around town where you can rent gear to play on Lake Nighthorse. Peaks and Tides Sailing is the local sailing school, and offers regattas and sailing lessons on the lake. 4 Corners RiverSports also offers everything from fishing kayaks to canoes, SUP Boards, pedal drive kayaks and most importantly, sail boats! They’re ramping up their fleet of aquatic rental equipment this year, which means you’ll have the unique opportunity to play with blow boats on the water. Perfect your tack and jibe, and bring the flavor of the ocean to 6,000’ above sea level.

Sunbathe on a Real Beach

Don’t get us wrong – we love our winter apres beach, but to have easy access to the summer alternative just minutes from downtown sounds too good to be true (luckily, it’s not!). Take a moment to be still and soak in the Vitamin D– it’s a necessary part of every summer. Besides, replacing palm trees and coconuts for mountain peaks and Zuberfizz seems like a more than sufficient trade off.

Build an Inner Tube Raft

Some of the most fun activities are the simple ones, and this requires no more than your favorite inner tube and some carabiners. Using your carabiner, clip the handles of your inner tube to your neighbor’s and raft your way to bliss. Everyone knows the best time to catch up on each others’ lives is when floating the cold water of your favorite mountain reservoir. Anchor the raft so as to not disturb any other parties and bring a floating cooler filled with water and soft drinks, so you can stick it in the middle for the perfect leg rest.

Find a Moment of Evening Quiet

Even in Durango, things can get a little too rowdy to handle. Since Nighthorse will be open until 8 P.M. during the summer, it will allow visitors a quick proximity escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The city has made a serious point to keep the experience here more mellow and enjoyable for folks of every age, preserving the stillness we love most about this region. We plan to kick our feet up in the camp chairs and propose a toast to keeping these corners wild.

Pack a Local Picnic Basket for the Perfect Canoe Date Trip

Four Corners RiverSports will rent you and your loved one a cozy canoe for the day, with paddles, life jackets and everything else you’ll need. Load it up with a picnic basket of all your favorite local dishes and snacks. Go all out by filling a thermos with coffee or tea, along with a few blankets and pillows (unless you’re worried about tipping over) for the perfect afternoon date. Click here for our full guide to preparing the perfect local picnic basket.

Make Sure to Recreate Safely

It’s important to know that Lake Nighthorse serves as water storage for tribal and water right claim-holders along the Animas River. As such, it is imperative that we keep our water clean, unpolluted and protected from invasive species. Here are some important rules to understand before planning your trip. Always practice Leave No Trace principles when exploring Colorado’s beautiful wilderness. Love your planet, and it will love you right back!

The Animas River Trail: the Best Way to See Durango!

Spanning seven miles, the Animas River Trail is the backbone of Durango. Running alongside the beautiful Animas River, the paved trail starts at the north end of Durango and snakes its way through town, providing a perfect in-town adventure and serene river views, whether you’re walking or riding a bike.

One of the newest ways to see the Animas River Trail and everything along it is from the seat of an ebike! Roll ebike is a new, solar-powered electric bike rental company offering free door-to-door delivery in Durango.

Their ebikes can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge and allow you to control all aspects of your ride. Don’t feel like pedaling? Let the ebike do the work for you and cruise at speeds of 5, 10, 15 or 20 miles per hour (perfect for longer rides). Want to do some of the work? Pedal yourself and allow the electric assist to help you on the inclines or harder parts of the ride. Your ride is completely in your hands (or feet!). Ebikes are great for friends, couples and families— all abilities can ride together and have fun.

Skip the hassle of renting, set up an ebike delivery directly to your vacation home or hotel, and set out to see the sights along the Animas River Trail, Durango’s favorite in-town trail:

Start at the north end of the trail. A great place to hop on the Animas River Trail is at 29th Street along Memorial Park. This first section of the trail is quiet and peaceful (and also makes for a beautiful ride in and of itself first thing in the morning or at dusk).

As you cross the first of many bridges over the Animas River, take a moment to pause and count the number of rafts and river tubes going by underneath you. The north end of town is a popular put-in for both commercial rafting companies and locals looking to cool off with a float down the river.

After you cross the bridge, keep an eye out for a large co-commuter: the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad! The train crosses the River Trail at this point, and if your timing is right, you’ll be able to pause and wave a friendly hello to all the riders heading to or from Silverton. Past the train tracks, look for the Durango Fairgrounds, which is sometimes easier to identify by the sounds of weekly rodeos and events coming from it.

Continue along the trail past Durango’s local public library. You’ll be able to spot it by its beautiful garden and bookshelf-themed sculpture. Past the library is the Durango Fish Hatchery  and Wildlife Museum. Open 7 days a week from May 15 to September 15, this a great place to let the kids take a break and feed the fish (parents, your break place is just around the corner!).

After the Fish Hatchery, jump back on your rented Roll ebikes, and cruise just a bit further, across another bridge (be sure to look to your left to see the bridge for the Durango Train) and to Rotary Park. Situated just on the other side of Rotary Park is Animas Brewing Company, the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a delicious craft beer. Animas Brewing also offers a full food menu (including a kid’s menu), making it a great spot to enjoy lunch or a mid-afternoon snack on the river.

Once you’re rejuvenated, continue down the Animas River Trail until you come to the Powerhouse Science Center. The Powerhouse, Durango’s original coal-fired steam-powered AC generating plant, now houses an interactive science center full of exhibits and activities the whole family will enjoy. Just past the Powerhouse Science Center, you can also branch off the Animas River Trail and cross Camino del Rio to head into historic downtown Durango for restaurants, shopping, and more. On Saturdays, you can take the 9th Street bridge from the River Trail across Camino del Rio one block and find the Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of First National Bank. Enjoy fresh produce, handmade breads, music and more.

If you choose to stay on the River Trail, keep heading south by going across and under the 9th street bridge. You’ll cross the river again before ending up across the river from the Durango Dog Park and Smelter Mountain. Smelter Mountain was home to Durango’s original mineral smelting plant from the 1880s to the 1960s, and is now a popular in-town hike, offering some of the best views of town when you make it to the top.

As you continue on, you’ll come to Santa Rita Whitewater Park. This community-designed whitewater park is the perfect place to take a break and watch the rafts go through the Animas River’s biggest rapids, or watch kayakers and body boarders play in the surf. Rock, riser-style seating even provides the perfect amphitheatre-like viewing for all of the action taking place on the water!

From here, you could turn around and power up your Roll ebike to carry you home or keep heading south to complete the full span of the River Trail. Either way, your Roll ebike will make the rest of your journey easy!

If you choose to keep heading south, you can continue along the River Trail another half mile or so, then hop off to head to Lake Nighthorse. Colorado’s newest lake, Lake Nighthorse is located just three miles from historic downtown Durango.

Or, you could stay on the River Trail for another couple of miles and wind your way along the quiet, southern half of the trail. You’ll pass by Serious Texas BBQ, a locals’ favorite and home to Durango’s only mini-golf. The patio here offers beautiful river views and is a perfect place to stop for another snack, liquid libation, or quick round of mini golf.

As you come to the end of the River Trail at Dallabetta Park, you’ll be able to see the beautiful Purple Cliffs on the opposite side of the river. Across the highway from the end of the trail are multiple mountain biking trailheads, leading to connecting trails in the Telegraph Trail System.

Enjoy a leisurely ride along the Animas River Trail with a rented ebike from Roll ebike. Whether you’re looking to get some exercise, or simply relax and enjoy the views, a rented ebike allows you to make your journey what you want and is the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy the ride.